1. This policy sets out content that is prohibited on the WeChat Stickers Open Platform ("Platform"), including within any Stickers developed and/or uploaded on the Platform. This policy is in addition to any content or other actions prohibited pursuant to our WeChat Acceptable Use Policy. Please note that:

(a) any prohibited content uploaded on the Platform will be removed.

(b) we may terminate the account of any user who uploads any prohibited content on the Platform; and

(c) we may also remove any content at any time, for any reason and at our sole discretion.

2.We prohibit any content that includes any of the following:

(a) "Tencent", "WeChat", any other Tencent-controlled trademarks or other terms implying a connection with or endorsement from Tencent;

(b) the names, logos, packaging design and/or mascots of, or any other (express or implicit) advertisements of, competing platforms or other third parties;

(c) any content that may lead to users to use a competing product, service or platform;

(d) illegal, slanderous, misleading, obscene, pornographic, violent (including exhibiting firearms and sexual violence), degrading, abusive, hateful, racially sensitive, vulgar, politically sensitive (including references to political figures and elections), culturally sensitive and/or seditious material;

(e) religiously sensitive material, including any material that:

(i) may incite religious hatred or emotions; and/or

(ii) may encourage cult organisations;

(f) inappropriate dress, or any material involving or promoting drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, criminal or other inappropriate subject matters or materials;

(g) any prohibited or otherwise inappropriate activities in relation to any animals, including animal cruelty;

(h) any material that may be discriminatory in any manner – including gender, racial, religious, occupational disability and/or LGBT-related discrimination;

(i) any third party's personal data or any other material would breach any third party's privacy rights;

(j) any third party's confidential information, including any trade secrets or other corporate confidential information;

(k) harassment, defamation, intimidation or other inappropriate interactions with end users or other third parties;

(l) material that displays, promotes or encourages any illegal activities or organisations; or

(m) material that may be dangerous to children and youths, including material that relates to child abuse, child pornography, or encourages crime or abduction among children and youths.

3.We prohibit any content that:

(a) may infringe any third party's intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights or other rights, including any trade secrets or defamatory or libellous content; or

(b) is otherwise prohibited by us (including under our WeChat Acceptable Use Policy) and/or any applicable laws and regulations.